Effective June 2, 2021:

Lt. Mark Grimes and Lt. Eric Kirsch will now lead the Field Training Program.
We will review the FTO program for possible leadership changes every 2‐3 years moving
forward, giving others an opportunity to influence and lead.

Thanks to Capt. Stephens and Lt. Arnold for your hard work.

Mr. Mike Lee shall be the Security Resources commander taking Capt. Romine’s place and
will report directly to Asst. Chief Sanford.

Capt. Rusty Romine is reassigned to work directly for Asst. Chief Sanford as Administrative
Support for the Operations Branch. He will continue working with Dispatch in his current
role for now.

Capt. Jeff Nabors is reassigned to work directly for Asst. Chief Rodgers as Administrative
Support for the Support Branch. Asst. Chief Rodgers will be the Internal Affairs Authority
with assistance from Sgt. Davis as needed.

For clarification, administrative functions include, but are not limited to:

  • Grant application and submission
  • Proof collection and submission to the Accreditation Manager from each of their respective branches
  • New process development and implementation
  • Logistical needs for UAPD personnel (uniforms, vehicles, etc.)
  • Collection/verification/Comparison of UAPD statistical data
  • Collaboration with other campus partners
  • Other duties as assigned