Caveats for Lost and Found:

  •  You must be able to identify any item prior to viewing, handling, or the return of the item.
  •  Best forms of item identification are, but not limited to: serial numbers, previous damage, previous photos of   the property, unique/personal identifying marks, unique knowledge of the item,  personal access to the item, etc.
  •  The University of Alabama Police Department reserves the right to refuse the return of property if the identification is not satisfactory.
  •  You must make an appointment to identify any property by calling 205-348-5454 and speaking with the Property Custodian.
  •  All recovered or lost and found property is kept up to ninety (90) days and then disposed of according to state statute.
  •  Items listed are those for which an owner cannot be or has not been identified at the time the item was placed on the Lost and Found list.

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