UAPD receives and stores lost items that have been found on campus. 

The information desk at the UA Student Center, library circulation desks, and front desks at the University Recreation Center and residence halls accept found items and forward them to UAPD. Personal items that are left in athletic venues are typically turned over to UAPD within 1-2 days after the athletic event.

If you find an item and can’t locate its owner, bring the item to the UA Police Center at 1110 Jackson Ave; or call UAPD at 205-348-5454 and an officer will meet you to pick up the item on campus.

If you have lost an item, check the Lost and Found website to see if the item has been found. All recovered or lost and found property is kept up to 90 days and then disposed of according to state statute.

Before you can retrieve an item from Lost and Found:

  •  You must be able to identify any item prior to viewing, or handling the item.
  •  The best forms of item identification are, but not limited to, serial numbers, previous damage, previous photos of the property, unique/personal identifying marks, unique knowledge of the item,  personal access to the item, etc.
  •  UAPD reserves the right to refuse the return of property if the identification is not satisfactory.
  •  You must make an appointment to identify any property by calling 205-348-5454 and speaking with the Property Custodian.
  •  Items listed are those for which an owner cannot be or has not been identified at the time the item was placed on the Lost and Found list.